Saturday, June 24, 2017

Welcome to our class blog.  We will be posting responses to questions throughout the year on this site.  Be prepared to answer honestly, thoroughly, and with higher-order thinking skills!

Posted by Rachel Langenhorst on Wednesday, Dec 7th, 2011.
From the flip lesson in social studies, respond with your thoughts on what happened at Pearl Harbor. Summarize main events (you may use your notes) and include your thoughts and feelings about that infamous day in American history. Feel free to include ties to our stories in literature about the changes that Japanese-Americans saw as a result of this. I expect, as always, well-crafted sentences in paragraph form. Due Friday.
Posted by Rachel Langenhorst on Tuesday, Oct 18th, 2011.
Using what we've learned in writing with the 6 traits (especially VOICE), describe what it would be like to live in Ancient Mesopotamia. Make sure to use descriptive, "expert" words to explain the climate, culture, types of jobs, and landforms of the area. It should be a well-crafted paragraph of information. (You may use your book for information, spelling, and to jog your memory).
Posted by Rachel Langenhorst on Friday, Sep 9th, 2011.
After viewing the selected videos on the Flipped Classroom Assignment #3, as well as watching programs about the event with your family this weekend, write a reflection of what you learned, how you felt watching it, and how you believe it changed America. You may and should discuss this with your parent before posting your blog. Remember to sign in as you and hit save before closing down! You should use proper capitalization, punctuation and do your best with spelling while selecting words that are clear and describe the environment as we practiced in class. Minimum of 8 well-crafted sentences.
Posted by Rachel Langenhorst on Thursday, Aug 25th, 2011.
We're off to a great start this year! For this first blog, tell me a little about what excites you about 6th grade. What are you looking forward to? What scares you? What goals have you set for yourself to be the best student you can be? (Use descriptive language, correct punctuation/spelling, and write a minimum of 7 sentences.)